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Teagan, E. (February 2, 2017). Brand Yourself Report Card Screenshot (JPEG). Retrieved from

It is commonly warned “think before you post, it’s out there forever”, but when you’re young on social media, impulsive posts are a given. Unfortunately, this impulsive behavior can be detrimental to future job opportunities. Contrary to teenager’s beliefs, what is posted on the internet under your name is your “reputation” to people who have never met you, including interviewers. Thanks to the Brand Yourself website, anyone with a bad past is able to correct it with the few clicks of a button!

Above shows a screenshot of my original Brand Yourself Report Card. One of the major perks of creating a Brand Yourself account is it allows you to see your original score, and then advises you on how to improve it! Many of my top results when you search my name on Google show my high school athletic accomplishments, as well as my Facebook page. Because my high school accomplishments will soon be no longer relevant, I decided to boost the pages I tend to keep up with, including my Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress blog.

I followed a few of the recommendations to improve my cites including changing my Twitter name to my full name in order to optimize keyword search results, adding my location to my profile, and creating a unique, professional bio. This is just the beginning of my quest to better brand myself. Ultimately these changes and more will strengthen my online reputation and brighten my future as a potential employee.



3 thoughts on “Brand Yourself

  1. I like how you highlight how important it is to clean up your professional and personal presence online. It will be interesting to see how even just a few actions can help boost our search results.


    1. I am in the process of boosting my more professional social media sites and re-creating those that aren’t, so no, I’m not really getting rid of posts, just making the better ones more visible!


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