For most, college is known to be a time where money is crucial. Especially for me, I make sure every dime or penny is used for a purpose, but who doesn’t want to have a fun spring break? Yes, it’s hard to eat healthy on a budget, look fashionable on a budget, but what about having fun on a budget? It is a big part of the college experience, and therefore, what I focused on for my infographic assignment.

The Piktochart website allows you to either choose from a frame or start from scratch to create the perfect infographic to advertise your brand. The importance of leisure among the days, weeks, even months of studying involved in being a full time college student prompted me to utilize this cite to creatively portray the idea of cutting down the usually high expense of a spring break trip by remaining in the United States. By emphasizing attractions with symbols such as night life and beaches, my hope is to inform the average college student of the benefits of saving the extra cash and enjoying their break within the U.S!


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