SEO Keyword Plan for my Travel Guide: Optimizing my Travel Site Online!

Keyword Planner

My original keywords:                                                           Google suggested keywords:

“study abroad” – 10k-100k                                                  “cheap vacations” – 10k-100k

“travel tips” – 10k-100k                                                     “travel sites online” – 10k-100k

“travel information” – 1k-10k                                                        “travel sights” –  1k-10k

“travel blog” – 10K-100k                                                             “travel guide” – 10k-100k

“tourist attractions”- 100k-1M                                                  “travel blog sites” – 1k-10k

(Compared to Average Monthly Searches)

My goal is to use search engine optimization to place my blog among the top results on google for travel blog sites. Keyword planning allows for people to assist in networking themselves on the web. I hope to use this tactic to help prioritize my blog over other travel information sites. My blog is unique of other travel sites online because of my perspective of a college student, aspiring adventure enthusiast, and future travel blogger. Because I can relate to people of similar social position, most of my posts will be helpful for my fellow college students to become educated on smart travel and gain experiences in foreign places.That way, my blog poses as a travel guide for college students who aspire to experience the world, just as I do.

I say my posts are catered toward college students because most of my posts involve planning cheap vacations, and as we all know, college students are always looking for ways to have fun on a budget. By using multiple references to popular travel sights, I hope to educate and convince students to visit must-see locations across the globe.

My use of the Google suggested keywords above is just one example of how they may be utilized throughout my future blog, Twitter, or even Facebook posts online. Eventually, I hope to use them naturally in my work so that they may climb up in the travel blog ranks and appear in some of the top results on Google. I am fortunate to have been introduced to a program that will assist me in continuing my advancement as a blogger.

Where to Begin:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.08.29 PM

Teagan, E. (March 16, 2017). Screenshot of Keyword Planner [JPEG]. Retrieved from


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.10.12 PM

Teagan, E. (March 16, 2017). Screenshot of Keywords [JPEG]. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “SEO Keyword Plan for my Travel Guide: Optimizing my Travel Site Online!

  1. I totally understand what you mean by wanting to optimize your blog in order to reach more college students. I am also a very adventurous person and absolutely love to travel, so your blog is very beneficial to me. If I wasn’t in your class and didn’t have direct access to your blog, I would want to be able to easily find your blog. So hopefully by using keywords it helps you to reach more people!


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