CASHFLOW: Investment Tips!

CASHFLOW: Networking Opportunity

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Teagan, E. (March 2, 2017). Cashflow Networking Event Selfie (JPEG). Self-taken image.

Using the networking event search engine, Event Brite, I was able to look up networking opportunities in the Grand Rapids area. This particular event caught my eye because of its dealings with the board game called CASHFLOW.

For those of you who don’t know, CASHFLOW is basically Monopoly on steroids. You are put into a position where you must settle deals on property, buy and sell stock, manage your finances, etc. Mainly, this game was a perfect introduction into the world of investment strategy.

As a college student I hear it all the time from professors, parents, and peers: “There is no class on life, you just learn as you go”, and this is true! Unless you are specifically placed in a class for your major that requires you to learn how to do taxes properly or what a good deal on your mortgage actually looks like, you either have to educate yourself or learn from your mistakes. The CASHFLOW investment game introduces you to a wide variety of crucial financial planning aspects not commonly known by the average college student.

At the event, I had a chance to connect with Ram J. Mishra, a Real Estate Investor working for a company that provides investment and sales tips to people willing to take a risk and join the Real Estate business. Even before we began talking, I already had the notion that Real Estate was tricky business, and that notion did not change through the duration of our conversations. He is one of few who have made risky investment deals and had it literally pay off for him in the end, though not without his bumps in the road/investments gone wrong. 

Through this experience I was able to introduce myself to the world of managing finances, as well as hear a few success stories of people in the working world, following college. I hope to build on this new knowledge to eventually be a master of my money!




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