Looking to the Future: Working for the Blackhawks?!

My first semester in college a professor asked my class to state the Brand we were hoping to work for. Being a freshman in college, I was terrified by this question. I barely knew what I wanted to be, let alone know exactly what company I wanted to work for. Fortunately, through career research and planning with the help of online job searching sites, I have a better idea of what exactly my dream career is and how I plan to get there.

Recently in my research, I have come across more and more opportunities for success in the Public Relations field. By using online job searching sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn, employers are able to reach a broad range of potential employees, which ultimately benefits job searchers like us. For example, the opportunity for a career as the Public Relations Manager for the Chicago Blackhawks (shown below) is now not only available to those already working for the Blackhawks looking to rise in the ranks, but every person looking for careers in that department on the internet as well.

Below I have listed just a few internships and job opportunities that have peaked my interest. Even though they may not be available when it comes time for myself to apply for internships and careers, the opportunities below represent potential brands and positions I hope to strive for.

1. Digital Media Communications Intern

Grand Valley State Athletics


Experience with Adobe CC (Specifically Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects).

An understanding of basic NCAA compliance rules, college athletic programs, graphic design/video experience, and strong written communication skills.

Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree.

2. Public Relations Intern

The Field Museum, Chicago


Science, Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing background preferred.

Must have knowledge of business protocol.

Must be a full-time student and be able to work as a full-time intern summer 2017.

3. Public Relations Manager

The Chicago Blackhawks


Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communication or related field.

Minimum 5-7 years of experience in media/public relations required.

Established local business and non-sports media contacts required.

4. Marketing and Communications Specialist

Choice Schools Associates


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field.

0-3 years experience (recent graduates with internships will be considered).

Intermediate experience with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

Very comfortable working in a Mac-based environment.

5. Regional Prestige Bus and Events Manager

ULTA Beauty


Bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing (or related field) or relevant professional experience.

3-5 years of event planning and/or brand partner management experience.

Demonstrated advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Word and Excel software.

Expert proficiency with Microsoft Office PowerPoint software.


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