Scheduled Tweeting #CAP105GVSU

Made using Tweetdeck:

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.31.19 PM

Teagan, E. (April 11, 2017). Screenshot of Tweetdeck Scheduled Tweets [JPEG]. Retrieved from

Before becoming familiar with sites such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, I was unaware of the ability to schedule tweets that will then be automatically sent out at their pre-determined time. The tweets above are nothing particularly special, but thanks to my new found understanding of these sites, I will be able to better organize myself on social media, especially if I find myself working with it in my future career. I am also more aware of possibly pre-determined tweets on my own timeline when brands post them.

I see this capability being most useful for company events. In order to get the word out about an upcoming event, it must be reinforced through multiple posts, all of which can be specifically organized and posted to a company’s liking. In relation to travel, I see these scheduling sites to be most useful when wanting to maintain relevance on your media sites while you are unable to get to a phone or a computer in transit. It would also be beneficial to network your other social media sites such as your blog, Instagram, etc. on Twitter in order to expand your presence and relevance online (Examples shown in tweets above). When all is said and done, pre-determined tweets will prove to benefit anyone looking to maintain a relevant and organized presence on social media.


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