Becoming Google Analytics Certified: How it Can Help

Not familiar with Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Partners commonly used to track and report website traffic. Certain features include creating custom reports, dimensions, and metrics to track individual business growth on the internet.


So, with an increasingly technological world comes the need for businesses to maintain their relevance on the internet. Companies are now required to continually improve the success of their websites in order to sustain a successful business. Tracking interactions on your website is popular among business’s who utilize Google Analytics in order to track and improve their popularity. The ultimate goal, especially for an E-commerce site, is to make conversion. This could include a visitor making a purchase, or utilizing a coupon from an email campaign.  These are how you determine the success of your online presence.

How Does it Help?

When it comes to acquiring a Social Media, Marketing, Advertising or Communications position, it is helpful to know the ins and outs of networking on the internet. The Google Analytics beginner and advanced courses train you in how to use their program, as well as educate you in marketing and advertising techniques that are frequently used by our most beloved brands. By using their techniques and comparing your analytics with other top brands, you could ultimately make a worthy competitor out of your business!

Now.. Let’s Talk About ME!

I could see my Google Analytics Certification being very useful in my future as a Public Relations professional. It’s easy accessibility will make applying it to my travel blog while out on the road a necessity! Because my goal as a travel blogger will be to reach as large of an audience as possible, I will most likely be utilizing the tracking feature to see just how many people are visiting my site, viewing my posts, and engaging with my media!

Besides being useful while maintaining my travel blog, being Google Analytics certified may also assist me in a future career. In a previous post, “Looking to the Future: Working for the Blackhawks?!”, I discuss possible internship opportunities and career paths I would take once I graduated. The first internship I list is titled “Digital Media Communications Intern” for Grand Valley State Athletics. In this position, it would be very beneficial to have the skills that come with a Google Analytics certification in order to track and understand the success of your digital media on your audience.


 Overall, I would recommend this certification to anyone looking to be familiar with online communications. Aside from being beneficial for my blog and my future career, Google Analytics provided me with some general knowledge of marketing and advertising that I wouldn’t have known without the courses. Though stressful at times, I guarantee becoming Google Analytics certified will prove to be worth it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.02.57 AM

Google Analytics Certificate [Digital image]. (2017, April 19 ). Retrieved from Google Partners.

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