D.A.R.E: Why Didn’t it Work?

D.A.R.E : Drug Abuse Resistance Education One of the most famous anti-drug campaigns to date is the drug abuse resistance education program, D.A.R.E. I remember going through the program myself as a child in Elementary School, terrified of all the terrible things intimidating police officers would tell my classmates and I about alcohol and other abused drugs. The only … More D.A.R.E: Why Didn’t it Work?

The Sunshine Cafe

The Sunshine Cafe: A Public Relations Effort   Th Sunshine Cafe is a chain of coffee houses that came to our public relations firm looking for ways to increase walk-in business at its local stores in college towns. Our strategy is to generate higher conversion and introduce new customers to the store who are likely … More The Sunshine Cafe

What is Public Relations?

The Public Relations Society of America (2012), uses a specific four part definition for the vastly general term Public Relations. It is described as… “…a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Strategic Communication Process The public relations process includes a series of actions, changes, or functions that bring about a result. In regards to the communication … More What is Public Relations?

Becoming Google Analytics Certified: How it Can Help

Not familiar with Google Analytics ?  Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Partners commonly used to track and report website traffic. Certain features include creating custom reports, dimensions, and metrics to track individual business growth on the internet. So? So, with an increasingly technological world comes the need for businesses to maintain their … More Becoming Google Analytics Certified: How it Can Help

Networking with Professionals at PRSSA!

PRSSA: Public Relations Student Society of America Grand Valley Chapter Teagan, E. (March 2, 2017). GVPRSSA Meeting Selfie (JPEG). Self-taken image. Teagan, E. (March 2, 2017). GVPRSSA Meeting my POV (JPEG). Self-taken image. Teagan, E. (March 2, 2017). GVPRSSA Meeting Panorama (JPEG). Retrieved from twitter.com/andrewhetzel. The PRSSA Grand Valley Chapter was generous enough to invite people outside … More Networking with Professionals at PRSSA!

Scheduled Tweeting #CAP105GVSU

Made using Tweetdeck: Teagan, E. (April 11, 2017). Screenshot of Tweetdeck Scheduled Tweets [JPEG]. Retrieved from Tweetdeck.twitter.com. Before becoming familiar with sites such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, I was unaware of the ability to schedule tweets that will then be automatically sent out at their pre-determined time. The tweets above are nothing particularly special, but thanks to my … More Scheduled Tweeting #CAP105GVSU

Looking to the Future: Working for the Blackhawks?!

My first semester in college a professor asked my class to state the Brand we were hoping to work for. Being a freshman in college, I was terrified by this question. I barely knew what I wanted to be, let alone know exactly what company I wanted to work for. Fortunately, through career research and planning … More Looking to the Future: Working for the Blackhawks?!